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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We firmly believe life is too short to force someone to do business with us. All we ask for is a 60-day notice.

Trust us, we know there is nothing more frustrating than searching for a price and it’s nowhere to be found. After much thought, we made the decision to not publish the price per user on our website.

This is primarily to avoid false expectations. While many of our clients qualify for our standard per user rate, there are a few who need some tender loving care before we provide service at our usual rate. We have found it best to have a short conversation to learn about your business, situation, and goals before throwing out a number prematurely.

If you’re eager for pricing, give us a call. We promise to skip the dog and pony show (we hate sales people as much as you do) and make an assessment right over the phone.

*no offense if you’re a sales person, its not personal.

Usually no. We do everything in our power to avoid start-up costs, we want to make the transition to our service as smooth, easy, and pain free as possible. However, businesses come from all stages in life. Therefore, if you don’t own a single computer or perhaps your server is still running Windows 2000. There may be some projects we need to complete before we start servicing your everyday needs.

Technology has reached a point where people collect devices like they do remotes. Charging per device is not a practical, nor economical approach when a significant portion of your staff use a laptop, desktop, and a smartphone. Then you have the confusing “is the device you’re calling about a covered device” problem.

We do away with that mentality and support any device that you need to do your job. This has over the years included laboratory machines, kiosks, timeclocks, security cameras, and the list goes on for ages. Best part, your business could have 10 computers or 100, it doesn’t affect your bill.

We like to keep things simple, so we try to avoid these conditional “what-if” scenarios. We generally say if the employee needs a login to a computer we’re going to consider that employee billable.

However, there has on occasion been legitimate scenarios where we could not ethically charge for employees that will never use a computer (e.g. assembly line workers). If you have a situation that fits this unique circumstance, just give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to be accommodating.

Then you’re already ahead of the game my friend! We provide a rather expansive array of technology knowing not everyone will need everything we include. In most cases, the price is not affected whether you do or do not need one or two items.

However, there are always exceptions and we like to consider ourselves flexible people. Generally, we see this come up most with organizations who have more than 100 employees. In those cases, we usually create a customized solution. If you think you need a customized solution, just ask! We’re happy to design a unique solution that’s right for you and your business.