IT Solutions Create A Competitive Advantage

Technology is the key for small businesses to grow in today’s technology-based economy. Over 84% of small businesses claim IT solutions has helped their business grow according to SurePayroll’s Small Business Scorecard (2013). Technology has helped small businesses with nearly every day-to-day business process such as marketing, customer service, and accounting.

“Information technology is changing the way companies operate. It is affecting the entire process by which companies create their products [and services]” – Michael E. Porter, Harvard University

Small Business Are Struggling to Implement IT Solutions

Unfortunately, small business often lack the resources required to implement bleeding edge technology. The upfront investment alone stops most small businesses from implementing any type of IT solution. Assuming the business can afford the upfront purchase and implementation costs, salary expenses for necessary talent to maintain the technology in-house will undoubtedly overwhelm the budget.

Managed IT services delivers needed IT solutions

The percentage of small businesses who believe they are exactly where they want to be in terms of readiness to use improved technology (Goldstein, 2016).

We have designed our managed IT services as the perfect solution to help your small business implement the IT solutions it needs to grow. Overnight, your small business will receive the benefits from a world-class IT department that competes  with the world’s most admired companies. 47% of businesses with less than 100 employees are turning to managed IT services to improve efficiency and reliability of IT operations (Olavsrud, 2015).

Our managed services is designed to include every technological need your small business requires to grow for a fixed price; think of it as an all-inclusive resort. No matter how much you need us, if a new version of office is released, workstations need upgraded to the latest Windows operating system, or another 20 workstations are added to your office, you pay the same price.

Included IT Solutions

        • Windows 10
        • Office 365 Business Premium
        • Hosted Email
        • Cisco ASA Firewall
        • Anti-Virus Software
        • Remote Monitoring & Management
        • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
        • Data Back-Up
        • Web Hosting & SSL Certificate
        • Domain Registration
        • …and so much more!

Let's Grow Your Business, Together.

When our clients succeed, we succeed. Small businesses all over Dallas, Fort Worth partner with us to align technology to their businesses’ needs. Our engineers are unmatched in certifications, training, experience, and personal charm. Let them make your technology efficient, reliable, consistent and consequently make your business more productive. Experience the relief and peace of knowing your business will never worry about its technology again. Return your focus back on your business’ core competences and allow us to empower you with the IT solutions you need to succeed.

Let’s talk and discuss how managed services will help your small business experience unprecedented growth.


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