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Grow Your Dallas, TX Business with ITA

Technology encompasses all aspects of your business. From creating schedules, running your POS system, to helping run, update, and maintain these programs, ITA is your team. Managed IT services to help build unique and personalized digital solutions to all your business’ issues. Whether you need help developing cloud-based solutions for storage or developing protection techniques to safeguard your business from hackers, we’re here for you.

IT Services Available from the ITA Experts

Dealing with technology can be incredibly stressful, especially when you pair it with trying to run a successful small business. Let ITA take the load off for you by providing managed IT services to ensure you have time for what matters most. Our team of technicians and engineers work collaboratively with you to get a better understanding of how your company operates to assist you best with everything you need. We create personalized systems because we understand how unique your business can be when it comes to utilizing technology. Over the years, we have helped many in the Dallas, TX area when they are starting their small- to medium-sized businesses. The following are managed IT services we have provided. If there are others you are looking for, please let us know. Together we can work to build the specific network and system you need to succeed.

IT Consulting

First and foremost, ITA is an IT consulting firm. We want to see small- to medium-sized businesses in the Dallas area thrive. By working together, you can inform us of how your business functions, and we can help you improve it with technology-based solutions. It all begins with your initial phone call to set up a meeting.

IT Repair and Maintenance

Once we get you all setup, we have dedicated team members to help with technology issues to help your business get back on its feet quicker. Since we understand how your business is utilizing the tech and what devices you have selected, we can swiftly get you back up and running if there is ever an outage or your system has been downed.

Cloud-Based Solutions

With the development of the cloud, businesses have been able to save money and time with organization and storage of their documents. This newer storage solution also protects your company from outages large and small. Using cloud-based storage ensures your documents are safe and protected from fire damage and other methods of destruction.


If you are looking to add a chief information officer (CIO) to your company, but the price of a salary seems too large, ITA has you covered. We can provide your company with virtual CIO services. These services help guide you on how to pair modern technology with the functions of your business. We help create a cohesive relationship with your team and the available network systems. We will also go over your goals and objectives to help personalize the technology even further.

Network Security

Building personalized network security systems are one of our specialties at ITA. Our team works with you to help build a personalized security system to protect your company’s data and information. We can also help protect you from hackers attempting to steal data or money. Given our experience in the field, we can build these types of security for virtually any kind of company needing protection.

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Round the clock IT support with managed services

Why Should I Utilize Managed IT Services?

Even if you understand all the workings of your technology, it will still be helpful to have a personalized IT technician from ITA on your side. Dedicated to the craft, we make sure to stay on top of all the continuous innovations to be able to offer solutions for your company. Our services also help you focus on what really matters, which is the day-to-day of your business. The technological issues can be some of the most draining problems a company can experience, especially when it involves something your company needs to operate. Our skills help you quickly get back to operational status and relieve the stress brought on by something as simple as a necessary system update. Not to mention, by utilizing outsourced IT services, you are reducing unnecessary operating costs of an in-house IT team, while still having 24/7/365 IT support.

ITA is Your Team to Call When You Need IT Services

When you are ready to take the leap into starting your own business or if you are looking for a way to make your current one better and safer, call on ITA. Our team dedicates themselves to your company to help you grow and thrive using modern-day technology. We have studied all your available options and keep ourselves updated with advancements and innovations in the field. You’ll love our personalized attention and managed IT services.