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We Proactively Support Your Business

Reacting to problems is how downtime occurs. Alternatively, managed IT services proactively solves problems before they impact productivity. Our engineers utilize over 500 sensors to intimately monitor your IT environment. This allows us to resolve problems before your staff ever realize there was a problem. As a result, ITA maintains an impressive 99% client retention rate.

ITA is a local Dallas IT company

We're Always Nearby When You Need Us Most

Our engineers work, live, and play right here in Dallas, Texas. Likewise, as a company, we invest significant time, energy, and resources into the Dallas community to see our home prosper. We know by providing only the best service possible for the local businesses around us helps create a better community for all of us. Lastly, working with ITA supports a local business, which in turn, helps us continue supporting the community.

Unlimited Support for a Fixed Price

We are sincere when we say we want your business to succeed and grow. Which is why we’ve adopted a business model that encourages us to continually improve your IT. Regardless of how much you use our service, you will always pay a fixed price. It’s our responsibility to ensure your environment runs smoothly while remaining profitable. We like to think of it as a win-win partnership.

ITA | Managed Services At A Fixed Price

Reasons to upgrade your IT support to ITA

network reliability

Included with our managed IT services, we monitor your IT systems and network 24x7x365. As a result of our proactive approach, we can seek out, identify, and resolve potential issues before they ever become a problem.

superior service

When issues do arise, ITA is one step ahead as a result of our proactive approach. Our superior insight into what’s going on within your network enables us to resolve issues efficiently and prevent future occurrences.

predictable IT spending

It is common for an organization’s IT needs to vary dramatically from month-to-month. Fortunately, our clients enjoy the peace of mind that no matter what unforeseen issues pop up, they’re always covered for the same fixed price.


Things change quickly. Organizations grow and technology requirements evolve. Therefore, we partner closely with our clients to deploy the most optimal IT solutions which are specifically suited to meet their ever-changing needs.

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