Dallas Ft. Worth IT Support Service

It can be hard to run a business and be an expert in all the technological aspects of your company. As well, you will need to stay on top of all recent innovations and advancements. Leave it to us and allow our team to help remove some of the stress of operating a successful business by implementing our trusted IT support services. ITA merges creativity, design, information, and technology into an exciting new approach to IT support services such as:

Major and minor computer fixes and updates

Regardless if your employees need a password reset or installing a new application. ITA's engineers will always treat your employees with respect.

Software support and updates

Always stay up-to-date with our in-house automation software that will update your system with only approved updates and reboot for you in the dead of night.

Email setup, support, and updates

Talk to our IT consultants about Exchange Online, our migration services, and new remote access methods to get to your email anywhere from any device.

24/7 IT helpdesk in Dallas, Texas

Network security and protection

Speak to our security experts about securing your network from outside threats. Small businesses are low hanging fruit for hackers, don't let your business be next!

Internet connectivity and stability

Internet connectivity is your business' lifeline. Talk to us about economic ways to implement an automatic failover in the event of an outage to keep your business running smoothly even when the unexpected happens.

Remote office setup

Times are changing! If you need remote access for your employees, ITA can design the right solution to fit your employees' workflow.

How ITA Can Help Save Your Business Money

Any sized business should be interested in saving money. ITA uses IT support to help you from spending money on unnecessary products and software programs. We help you find the right devices and technological advances to make your business thrive while removing added costs. It’s easy to be persuaded by salespeople trying to sell you useless protection software that could be disguised as malicious, especially if you aren’t very tech-savvy. Our team has spent countless years studying ways to make your business operations and our automation technology work hand-in-hand. Not only do we get it all set up, but we offer dedicated maintenance and repairs to ensure your company’s efficiency. We can also set up security networks to protect your company from hackers who may try to steal data, information, or money. You can save money by enlisting our help with cloud-based solutions instead of buying external hardware devices that can be stolen or damaged. Keep your profits and your business safe by giving us a call.

Dallas based IT office offering 24/7 IT support

Since our inception in 2015, we have been helping business owners get the managed IT services they need from all walks of life when trying to run their small to mid-size Dallas, TX business.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Added Protection

Another way we help our partners is by showing them the benefits of using cloud-based storage systems. This newer way of storing your essential documents, plans, budgets, and more is the most cost-effective and safe method. By creating a cloud-based storage account, we can help remove the ability of outsiders to get your cherished information. Also, you can access it from anywhere you need to with your login information since it is not tied to any one device. You will also not have to worry if there is a break-in or accident that damages your equipment. You also won’t have to worry about where you placed your old hard drive or other storage devices to get access to your documents. You can easily pull up any document in your library for almost instant access.

ITA is Ready to Take Your Company to the Next Level

ITA is the team to call when you need help with your IT support staff. We are small, just like you and understand the needs of your business and how they differ from more giant corporations—dedicated to helping your company in any way we can by devoting our services to meet your needs and demands. Our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself. Call us today to get started with the process of combining our service with yours for the ultimate version of success.