Humble beginnings

ITA’s CEO, Logan Johnson, has always possessed an unwavering passion for technology. His life-long passion is devoted to implementing technology in such a manner that revolutionizes the way business is conducted. ITA started as a dissertation, nothing more than a theory that argued an organization’s IT could be fully automated, driving business growth by empowering the business owner to simply focus on their passion. The dissertation was critiqued by the finest minds in academia and took over four years to complete. Which produced a revolutionary business model based upon years of scientifically sound research. The following two years were spent turning the dissertation from concept to an actionable business plan.

Today, ITA is a product of that dissertation, a finely tuned machine that automates the IT for enterprises of all sizes. ITA represents a turn-key IT solution for enterprises around the nation. Hundreds of businesses have experienced the value of ITA’s unmatched dedication to create the perfect IT infrastructure that continually improves business operations, cultivates efficiency, and increases reliability.

We've come a long way...

Open For Business

November 11, 2015

Open For Business

After years of planning, ITA files articles of organization to open its doors.

ITA Aquires First Nationwide Client

December 29, 2015

ITA Aquires First Nationwide Client

ITA seizes its first opportunity to flex the unmatched talent of its engineers.

ITA’s CEO Cited In Forbes Article

February 11, 2016

ITA’s CEO Cited In Forbes Article

Forbes journalist asks ITA’s CEO to weigh in on the fight against spam and email marketing.

We Move Into A New Office!

July 12, 2016

We Move Into A New Office!

ITA moves into its new modern office to match the contemporary service it offers.

ITA Becomes An Authorized Surface Reseller

December 2, 2016

ITA Becomes An Authorized Surface Reseller

ITA adds Hardware As A Service (HaaS) to its turn-key solution by partnering with Microsoft.

and we look forward to going so much further.

We're different

(but in a good way)

Firstly, we have gone through extreme measures to humanize our service. We do not believe technical jargon elevates our intellectual status or credibility. All it does is leave you confused and fails to communicate the true potential our service can offer. We train our engineers in business just as extensively as we train them in technology, we promise you’ll work with people who understand how your business operates, what drives productivity, and where best to stimulate growth. Our service is designed to ensure everything we do furthers your business’ goals, objectives, and vision.

Secondly, we have spent years meticulously planning the perfect turn-key solution that truly automates your IT. No one comes close to offering a more complete, all-inclusive, fixed price solution (and we guarantee that). We work relentlessly to ensure our service continually includes every technology your business needs to exceed in its goals.

You give the best to your customers and we want to give your business the best. Therefore, we employ one of the most talented teams in the country. We accomplish this by first employing only industry-certified engineers. Many of whom hold certifications obtained by only 1% of IT professionals in the world. Similarly, ITA breeds a culture of continual education and training that is modeled by every team member in the organization. That includes the CEO, who maintains every certification ITA’s engineers are required to hold, while concurrently earning his doctorate in business.  Our business consultants possess a minimum of a Master degree and a project management professional (PMP) certification. Engineers are required to maintain a plethora of vendor-specific certifications applicable to their specific role within the company.

How we empower your passion with technology

We are sticklers when it comes to deciding our partnerships. We strive to be the best, which means those who do business with us must be the best. Every vendor directly involved in delivering our service undergoes an extremely thorough vetting process. Whether you need to add more mailboxes or order more toner, we ensure every aspect of our service is a seamless, painless, and most importantly, automated.

Offering an all-inclusive service means we assume the risk of your IT environment. We spend countless hours developing industry best practices for every aspect of technology. Whether it’s rules for outgoing mail or how often you should change your password, we have a standard that’s right for you and your industry. Standardizing your environment is how we guarantee your environment runs efficiently and reliably, all the time.

Finally, technology moves fast and unless you’re in the business, it likely outpaces you. Fortunately, technology is our passion and we devote significant time attending trade shows, vendor meetings, and breaking demo units sent to us. We want to ensure your business is equipped with the latest, greatest, but stable, tools, software, and products available on the market. It is our commitment to ensure your business remains bleeding edge at no additional cost to you.